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 Post subject: Whats in the back of your pickup truck?
 Post Posted: August 11th, 2009, 3:23 pm 
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It was the first time I ever met Lance love. I found a number for him and called him to see if he still had his B&L indy car. He did! and it turned out that he was only 1/2 hour away from our house. So we hoped into the car and drove over. We spoke for hours about all sorts of 1/4 scale goodness! He then said that he had a few things still left over and he took me outside. He had an old pickup truck on the side yard. Back in the day, it was a really sick looking ride but over the years its showing its age. In the back of the truck he had some sprint car frames and a bunch of misc parts. He started to pull them all out and told me to take it all for my collection. His wife opened a bin and pulled out a part and said "Oh here it is, remember this?" and then she put it back in the bin. I only got a glance of it but it looked like a black skellenger??? I asked lance what the heck it was so he pulled it back out. He proceeded to tell me that it WAS a skellenger and that it was made of Magneseum. He told me it was the only one ever produced and it has the serial number of M1 for "Magneseum 1" His very good friend Jack Skellenger had given it to him back in the day. They produced it right before Jack died. It was the last attempt Skellenger made to try to increase rear end sales by making a very light rear end. Not only was it magnesium, but the ring gear was turned down on a lathe to make it very small. The pinion gear in it was also hollowed out! The axle was made of carbon fiber! Lance ran this special rear in his super mod with great success but the complexity and cost to produce a magnesium rear was just too high so it never got done. After Lance told me this mind blowing story, he said "Hmm, I guess I should bring this inside" He then put it into a cabinet in his house after years of it being in the back of a pickup truck... I begged him to sell it, but his dear friend gave it to him and he was not letting go and I understood.

Over a year later after becomming extremely good friend with Lance I went to his house with a display case. I told him to get that stinking rear out of the cabinet and display it like it deserves it! He then told me to take it home and display it there. He knew it would be taken care of and loved for there.

So there it sits on a pedestal in my home theatre room for everyone to see. A day does not go by that I dont stop by and look at its glory and it just reminds me of how much of a good friend I have.

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